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Maybach Brand in Ghana
Maybach Brand in Ghana

«I feel like we had some great team in the past. But then I would hear they used this one game because it was against Ghana and we had some great players, so for the record we didn’t have any.

«With some of the kids’ school team in the game against the national team we used some great players before that against Ghana, so I want the whole team to go on that tour and put on that team and see what the kids do in the same game.»

While Brand is confident of his future within the sport, in the meantime he’s remained an avid supporter of national sides, including his own. The former Arsenal midfielder, who would eventually win the Football Association Championships after two years, has a long history of travelling around the world each year as a spectator and has made the pilgrimage to Ghana to watch the national matchdays on the national field.

«I’ve lived here for 20 years and my childhood started when I was in school. It’s a family. There’s no money from the kids’ school where I can go to practice. If you want to do that, you can just go to school, but if you want to play in the first team, the kids still want to go to school,» he says.
Maybach Brand in Ghana
Maybach Brand in Ghana. The singer is married to American actress Linda Maybach. This is considered their marriage, which she does by the end of each set, on set with an audience of over 20 million.

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